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Black Crystal Energy is a growing company built with excellence; manage by dedicated committed and conscientious professional administrators with demonstrated ability and experience in energy research and exploration – especially oil and gas drilling, exploration and completion. The organization structure, staffing, and operations facilitate teamwork, effectiveness and efficiency, which have led to the development of strategic practices that anticipate and address future environmental concerns and opportunities. The end result is progressive, cost effective, and environmentally sensitive and ethically managed enterprise “Black Crystal Energy”.

Due to the increased world demand and the growing energy needs we have concluded that natural gas has greater sustainability and long-term growth potential than other sources of energy. As a result, Black Crystal Energy engages in the acquisition, development, exploration, drilling, production and marketing of oil and natural gas. However, as we explore, acquire, produce, and market natural gas and crude oil, our purpose is to foster, promote, encourage, facilitate and develop the use of traditional energy sources such as oil and gas, as well as encourage the use of renewable alternative energy sources such as solar, wind, biomass, geothermal, or fuel cells in a responsible, efficient, profitable and environmentally friendly manner.

Black Crystal Energy explores, acquires, develops and produces oil and natural gas as primary functions in order to provide energy for wide ranging customers. As a growing enterprise, we have remained focused primarily on exploration, drilling, completion, and acquisition of productive oil and gas leases while our research division focuses on renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, geothermal and fuel cells energy.


Black Crystal Energy engages in exploration, drilling, production, transportation, storage and distribution of oil and gas. Although, our primary focus is production and acquisition of oil and gas leases – especially marginal oil and natural gas fields, we are actively involved in renewable energy. Concentration in renewable energy resources allow us to out-source all, or part of, the company’s natural gas research, using currently available technology with the aim of implementing solutions to gain global competitive advantage in the petroleum industry.


• Develop a gas-to-liquid (GTL) conversion system that can economically access and process abundant recoverable stranded natural gas.

• Convert recovered natural gas to clean burnable synthesized liquid fuels that is pipeline and tanker ready at a significantly lower cost below current state-of-the- art
  conversion methods.

• Assure that the gas-to-liquid conversion method posses no harm to the environment and the liquefied gas is produced at a cost effective and efficient manner.

• Construct plants that can vary in sizes from portable units or skid mounted, to large-scale permanent installation facilities.

• Provide new markets for non-existing commercial, industrial, manufacturer, business, government, and institutional or residential uses.

Up until recently, natural gas was not a popular energy source, and little effort was expended to find or develop gas reserves because gas was more difficult to produce and transport than oil. In the majority of the fields where oil is produced along with gas, the common option available to conserve or harness gas in oil producing reservoirs is through re-injection. Other serious problems that limit the extensive use of gas are, the inadequate commercial demands and poor market for natural gas since new markets were not encouraged nor created to justify large-scale exploration. Furthermore, until recently, building facilities to collect residual natural gas during oil production has been cost prohibitive, and maintaining such facilities is also very expensive. Where facilities are built to collect residual gas during oil production, the gas fields are scattered with low pressure and the natural gas has to be compressed, treated, and harnessed prior to being transported. Furthermore, the physical location of most fields (away from available domestic, national and international markets) does not facilitate construction of pipelines for export –especially in many African countries. Meanwhile domestic demand does not justify the tremendous cost for large exploration, production and storage of natural gas. These problems led oil and gas producers to adopt re-injection and/or flaring of natural gas where it is economical to produce only oil.

Black Crystal Energy is currently providing remedial services and solutions for these problems and other oil-related oil and gas development activities such as secondary recovery from marginal fields, oil spills, refinery operation contamination, gas transportation, and development of alternative uses and new markets (domestic and international) for currently flared natural gas. Our commitment is to use technology to reduce chemical releases and emissions to the air, sea, rivers, streams, lakes, land, and the subsurface by eliminating wherever possible or minimizing through treatment or recycling, generated hydrocarbon wastes produced throughout our operations while protecting the vital natural resources in the environment.

The unsubstantiated assumptions that oil and gas companies are responsible for the majority of environmental degradation because of oil exploration, drilling and production activities are unwarranted. There are many other factors that may be largely responsible for environmental degradation depending on the type of oil and gas operation, reputation of the operating company, geographical location of the field, type of government and associated regulations, environmental and cultural interaction and sensitivity of the inhabitants. Importantly, development, construction, erosion, denudation, shift or growth in population, migration phenomena, farming and unregulated agricultural practices have been known to contribute immensely to environmental degradation near oil and gas field production.



Black Crystal Energy is committed to building a reputable, privately owned, environmental friendly, international energy organization, through innovative application of new technologies that leverage and capitalize on the use of appropriate science and technology to produce efficient and cost effective energy.


Black Crystal Energy’s mission is to improve earnings and profits by achieving superior financial returns on investment through aggressive exploration, acquisition, and production of excellent oil and gas wells, while protecting and preserving the quality of the environment using current and available technology for exploration and development of oil and gas fields. In the pursuit of this mission, the following are our clearly stated and reiterated objectives:

1. Improve earnings and profits by achieving superior financial returns on investment.
2. Continuously promote new technological research and enduring but excellent products and services.
3. Protect and preserve the quality of the environment using available cost effective and efficient technology.
4. Increase collaborative efforts with members of the academic institutions to develop and maintain an efficient, state of the art technology for use in production
5. Promote continous development, delivery, and maintenance of quality products and services to a variety of clients in the private and public sectors.
6. Maintain consistent department-wide implementation of organizations’ policy of best business practices.

These objectives were developed because our organization is dedicated to finding practical solutions to enhance and practice efficient oil and gas exploration and production methods while taking into serious considerations environmental issues and concerns emanating from the petroleum industry and the environment.


At Black Crystal Energy, we foster and encourage continuous enhancement of the company’s, image of excellence, the reputation for quality products and services, the enduring commitment to protect the interests, life, safety, welfare of the staff, the financial interests of our investors and our customers, and the unwavering support to our community --especially our determination to protect the environment from pollution using available technology that brings value to our investors, integrity to the staff, pride to the community, and satisfaction to our customers.

We are proud to maintain our reputation as a great place to work, where our employees exhibit strong desire, motivation, and commitment to outperform the competitors. Our organization continuously empower our employees to make decisions, take prudent but calculated risks, be creative, learn from mistakes and bring fourth innovative ideas that work.

We espouse and foster a work environment that is challenging, stimulating, innovative, creative and fair, where each employee has the opportunity to grow. Importantly, our operating principles are guided by conscious awareness and sensitivity to the environment based on four principles which are:

First, the desire and willingness to comply with the law of the land and be environmentally friendly.

Second, the aggressive pursuit and expansion of our exploration, drilling and production programs that include renewable energy resources such as solar, wind, biomass, geothermal and fuel cells.

Third, the drive and energetic motivation by management, staff, investors, and customers to support all our global enterprises by ensuring continuing products and service improvements, lowering the cost of production using innovative efficient and effective methods, and maintaining better environmental standards and character.

Fourth, the willingness and commitment of our organization to positive organizational growth and development through improvement of the quality of life of personnel, and generation of high rate of return on investment for investors using creative management and financial approaches. Importantly our ability to espouse innovative technologies that enhances productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness that invariably improves the quality of our customer service, which will allow our competitive placement in the industry as one of the best independently owned and operated energy company.



The core values that define our organization culture are diversity, sensitivity, respect, innovation, teamwork, honesty, integrity, leadership, commitment, quality, service and excellence. According to Aristotle, “we are what we repeatedly do, excellence then is not an act, but a habit” As a result, Black Crystal Enterprises have chosen the path of excellence and it is the soul of our business.

Black Crystal Energy encourages transparent honesty and open communication that foster a climate of trust, respect and dignity inside and outside our organization. We explore, acquire, develop and produce oil and natural gas including alternative renewable energy resources to provide efficient energy sources for our customers.

We would like to maintain our reputation as a great place to work, where our employees exhibit creative and innovative thinking that provide effective solutions for clients and customers; and the strong desire to outperform the competitors. We empower our employees to make decisions, take prudent but calculated risks, be creative, learn from mistakes and bring fourth innovative creative ideas that work. Our organization continuously creates a work place that is challenging, stimulating, innovative, creative and fair, where each employee has the opportunity to grow.

As we strife to meet today’s energy needs, we continue to dedicate more resources and intellectual abilities into developing renewable alternative energy resources for the future. We are committed to sustainable innovative state-of-the-art research/technology and development, which constitute our source of pride. Our aim is to facilitate rapid deployment of new technologies that redirect or produce a shift away from high carbon fuels to natural gas, fuel cells, renewable energies and higher efficiency equipments and products.


With advances in technology in recent years, more energy-efficient and environmentally responsible materials, processes, methods and operating systems are available for cooping with world energy needs. Here at Black Crystal Energy, as we strife to meet today’s energy needs, we continue to dedicate more resources and intellectual abilities into developing renewable alternative energy resources for the future by out-sourcing research and development in various institutions.

Due to increased concern for clean environment in oil and gas producing areas we are committed to developing services, products and environmentally responsible practices. As a result, we are committed to sustainable state-of- the-art research and technology that enhances and complements oil and gas exploration and development and that, constitute our source of pride.

Our goal is to enhance profitability, develop innovative technological solutions and encourage the use of natural gas and alternative renewable energy sources such as solar and wind energies. Currently, natural gas exploration and production is used to supplement core operations, we hope to facilitate rapid deployment of new technologies that redirect or produce a shift away from high carbon fuels to natural gas, renewable energies and higher efficiency equipments and products.

Black Crystal Energy is committed to the use of oil and gas research and technologies, which are dedicated to provide viable energy from fossil fuel, wind, solar, and other renewable recyclable energy sources. We have developed operating policy for greenhouse gas emissions and global warming, while we promote and encourage the development of more efficient alternative renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, biomass, geothermal, or fuel cells.



Black Crystal Energy is committed to providing safe, cost effective, efficient, clean and viable uses for fossil fuel –especially the excess gas currently flared worldwide through --gas gathering, application of new technology for transportation, conservation and creation of new commercial markets (Fossil fuel is derived from geologically ancient plant life. Alcohol and Methane can also be extracted from biomass)

While oil and gas exploration, drilling and production activities are widespread globally; several trillions of cubic feet of natural gas are associated with very large oil field reserves and are produced with oil. However, substantial amount of natural gas cannot be produced due to inadequate technology, geographical location, undesirable product contents, transportability, inadequate or lack of localized commercial or international markets and/or other environmentally restrictive barriers. As a result, most of the gas is flared into the atmosphere. Flaring of gas from oil producing field poses serious environmental consequences as related to global warming. CO2 is one of the largest greenhouse gases produced during petroleum operation -especially from burning fossil fuel. As a result, Black Crystal Energy has created multiple approaches and techniques to harness and process residual or stranded natural gas to be utilized in positive, clean, efficient, cost effective and enduring, but environmentally sensitive manners.


Black Crystal Energy engages in the acquisition, development, exploration, drilling, production and marketing of oil and natural gas. With new technology, natural gas is increasingly chosen as the most desirable and environmentally safe fuel of choice to produce electricity, as fuel cells, and for natural gas vehicles (NGVs).

Today, Black Crystal Energy provides new solutions which allow transforming natural gas reserves into clean burning, safely transportable liquid fuel at a cost significantly below current state-of-the-art conversion methods. Gas-to-Liquid conversion plants that vary in sizes from portable skid mounted units to a large scale, permanent, ultra-modern installation facilities capable of generating electricity for a whole city, can be built to suit any desirable range of needs regardless of the geographical location and the ecological composition of the field. Our organization can safely harness, transport, and deliver this cleaner and desirable fuel. This is part of our commitment to reduce chemical releases and emissions thereby conserving vital natural resources.

As the world’s demand for energy grows with the ever-increasing population and constantly shifting demographics, so does the public’s desire for cleaner and cheaper alternative energy sources. Black Crystal Energy is committed to the use of Solar Energy as a renewable alternative energy source using currently available technology (Harnessed energy from the Sun using photovoltaic process).

Black Crystal Energy is also committed to the use of Windmills to harness and produce energy (Wind is produced by the interaction between the Sun’s energy, the oceans, and the atmosphere. The wind energy production uses strong but light and weather resistant aerodynamically designed wind machines that when attached to generator produces electricity). Black Crystal Energy is committed to the creation of business opportunities that generate new clean alternative re-usable energy, while protecting the pristine nature of the ecosystem.

Our organization is determined to work in collaboration with any research institution, organization, group or individual to provide viable, safe, efficient, cleaner, alternative energy sources that are technologically viable to reduce the impact of pollution, improve people’s lives and create minimal impact on the environment.

In an attempt to generate clean energy that will engender value, integrity, and respect for the organization, the investors, our customers, the community and the environment, our company invests in pollution prevention research to reduce the cost of clean up and compliance, supports community revitalization and fast track clean up, promotes technology innovation and provides better and cheaper energy sources for the public.

* Currently, we are planning to build a Cogeneration Plant in Nigeria.

BLACK CRYSTAL ENERGY is leading the way in providing "private" initiatives for additional electrical power supply in conjunction with, and in support of current NEPA electrical energy operations in Nigeria. Using gas fired, turbine driven cogeneration units, fired on either natural gas, solar and or crude oil, Black Crystal Energy plans to reduce the cost of electrical power generation, transmission and customer service. The goal of this initiative is to provide abundant, efficient, and reliable electrical supply to the Nigerian population.

Cogeneration (sometimes called distributed power generation) is a process that produces two or more useful forms of energy from the combustion of a single fuel such as natural gas. A cogeneration facility produces electricity and another form of useful thermal energy (such as steam and or heat), used for industrial, commercial and or residential heating, or cooling purposes. Natural gas fired turbine-driven cogeneration system modifies internal combustion engines that uses natural gas as a source of fuel to enable the facility to produce electricity and hot water on site. It involves the conversion of a single source of energy fuel into two independently useful energy products. The heat or steam can be used either in the refineries, or to steam flood a heavy oil field, while the generated electricity can be used for industrial or commercial purposes, by the public and private entities for heating or cooling.

Government offices, commercial, industrial and or residential buildings can benefit from cheaper and uninterrupted supply of electricity through gas-fired cogeneration. At the same time, the hot water produced from the process can be fully utilized in many ways by surrounding satellite industries or institutions. According to the U.S. Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act (PURPA), a facility is considered a cogeneration facility if it produces electric energy and another form of useful thermal energy through the sequential use of energy. It must meet certain ownership, operating, and efficiency criteria established by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) as indicated in the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 18, Part 292.

Natural gas deposits account for the major portion of oil reservoirs in Nigeria. More than two thirds of the amount of oil found in Nigeria is available in large recoverable natural gas reservoirs. Several billion cubic feet of stranded natural gas is flared, vented or re-injected each year. Almost two million barrels of oil a day is produced in the oil field in the Niger Delta area of Nigeria and these oils are produced in reservoirs containing large amount of gas, which is produced with the oil. The gas associated with the oil is separated and approximately close to 95 percent of it is flared into the atmosphere unabated. The flaring of this abundant supply of stranded natural gas is a waste of valuable national resource that can be tapped economically. This gas could be properly utilized in other areas of national industrial developments, such as in the production of electricity. Importantly, flaring of Natural gas has serious consequences for the environment. Flaring of natural gas is damaging to the environment since it has been known to create smog and acid rain. However, harnessing and conserving this gas with proper utility application, such as the gas fired turbine cogeneration system, to produce electricity makes good business sense and is also good for the environment. Natural gas is colorless, odorless and, in its pure form, is increasingly chosen as one of the most desirable efficient and cost effective alternate energy sources to fuel electrical generation. Its clean burning nature, which addresses key environmental concerns such as the problem of urban smug, acid rain and greenhouse gas emissions makes natural gas a reliable, efficient and cleaner source of electrical power. Natural gas efficiency, as a clean burning fuel, is aiding new advances in the development of alternate energy technology such as fuel cells and natural gas vehicles (NGV's).

BLACK CRYSTAL ENERGY Electrical Power Development Project, which is called the "Blue Diamond Light" (BDL) project, will increase public access to electricity by about 90 percent initially for the immediate population in major parts of Nigeria. This project will promote the development of gas fired cogeneration electrical power plants in an environmentally sound manner while encouraging government and private participation to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness of the existing current and future electrical power supply in the country.

Black Crystal Energy has remained committed to the use of natural gas in the production of electricity since the company laid the groundwork for cogeneration over ten years. Prior to beginning its sole operation in energy exploration in 2002, Black Crystal Energy worked with UNIGAS Company of Norman, Oklahoma to lay the foundation for the "Blue Diamond Light" (BDL) project in Nigerian.


We recognized the need to reduce environmental impacts associated with oil and natural gas exploration, production and development. We are regarded and continue to maintain our standing as an environmentally friendly and caring enterprise, and a major contributor to the growth and welfare of community in which we operates.

Due to increased concern for clean environment in oil and gas producing areas we are committed to environmentally responsible practices while producing quality products and services. We work closely with the government, other stakeholders, community groups, individual and environmental groups to address concerns real or imagined as it relates to the potential or actual impact of oil and gas operations on the environment

Our goals remain the same and they are, to enhance profitability, which will make us a viable, and sustainable natural gas enterprise; to develop innovative technological solutions that encourages the efficient use of natural gas and alternative renewable sources of energy and to protect the natural environment in which we operate. The following is a brief summary of our Environmental plan



It is a requirement that an environmental impact review be conducted before any work begins on any projects involving oil and gas drilling and production. Planning and operations conducted during drilling and completion must avoid harming marine and terrestrial life in the highly sensitive area of operation. Operation staff must provide invaluable information continuously on ways and means to protect the ecosystem directly within or adjacent to the area of operation.

Our company will follow a three-step plan for waste minimization and they are

1. Elimination or source reduction
2. Recycling or re-use of generated waste
3. Treatment and/or proper and environmentally responsible disposal of waste materials

Current Course of Action That Incorporate Risk Management

a. Holding seminars and meetings with a wide range of local leaders to understand their environmental concerns and needs.
b. Assessment of current, ensuing or future environmental problems including evaluation of existing and proposed solutions.
c. Engaging locally impacted citizens, residents and other participants in constructive search for solutions by pursuing a participatory review, discussion and
    resolution process for perceived environmental problems or concerns.
d. Assisting stakeholders to establish control over the management of their environment
e. Providing clean up funding and opportunity

Internal Review of Appropriate Responses to Risk Management

Involves a vision of a prosperous community supported by strategies that espouses communication with local community leaders, participative planning for community development and internal procedures that:

1. Identify the risk through analytical methodology
2. Finding appropriate options to reduce the risks
3. Prioritizing the options in terms of coast benefit analysis
4. Identifying the most appropriate options
5. Determining future costs and benefits of interventions
6. Recommending policy for implementation
7. Effectuating policy implementation
8. Evaluating the effectiveness of the implemented policy
9. Re-evaluation


With adequate cash flows and increases in net income and production over the next several years, Black Crystal Energy plans to invest $300million for drilling and $200 million for proven reserve acquisitions in various fields. The economic vitality of our organization is dependent on this investment. With such an investment, we can establish a global presence and the economic strength essential to the growth of our organization as one of the premier independent oil and gas exploration and production companies in the world.



Our administrative staff is comprised of a Chairman and Chief Executive Officer in Dr. Jimmy Etti-Williams who has 25 years of technical and administrative experience as a public administrator and a Petroleum Geologist.

Our General Manager of Operation and Finance is Brenda Criswell who holds a Masters degree from the University of Oklahoma. She joins Black Crystal Enterprises with more than 20 years experience in finance, and information management.

The Vice-President for Petroleum Geology and Field Operations is Victor A. Davies who holds a Masters in Geology and has 25 years of experience as a Petroleum Geologist.

The Chief Engineering Consultant for Exploration, Drilling, and Production is Dr. Henry B. Crichlow who served as the former director of Petroleum Engineering, University of Oklahoma, CEO, UNIGAS Corporation in Norman Oklahoma. He has been practicing engineering for more than 35 years.

Our other valuable employees are listed with their respective experience and background in our company directory.


Black Crystal Energy + Oil & Gas + Alternative Energy = Fuel Power & Profit.


Black Crystal Energy office is headquartered in Dallas, Texas U.S.A. It includes the administrative and the alternative but renewable energy research division offices of the enterprise. Employees in our corporate office work in many interesting and challenging fields, including information technology, finance, marketing, research and development. Our international office is located in Lagos, Nigeria. We offer exciting opportunities in many oil and gas producing states of Nigeria.


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